Audiometric Testing

Part 12 of Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Regulation deals with Hearing Conservation in the workplace.

The regulation requires that employers take measures to reduce noise exposure to employees and provide protection and education for employees to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

The success of a Hearing Conservation Program is measured by means of annual audiometry (hearing testing). Additionally, the regulation requires that companies establish baseline audiometric records for noise-exposed workers within the first 70 days of hire. During the baseline audiometric test, hearing health histories are obtained in interviews with employees. These include information regarding noisy hobbies, noisy work history, and information regarding hereditary and medical history relating to hearing loss.

Corporate Health Works employs six licensed Industrial Audiometric Technicians and provides hearing conservation services to a growing number of Manitoba companies. We use a variety of methods to conduct on-site audiometric testing, including portable and collapsible booths, full size booths and a booth equipped mobile trailer. We are also capable of conducting hearing tests in our office.

Hearing Booth

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