Safety and Health Audits

Corporate Health Works, Inc. conducts comprehensive safety, health and loss control analysis on behalf of client companies.

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits examine the impact and degree of compliance with provincial or federal health and safety regulations. The Audit Report will contain recommendations on the steps to be taken to achieve compliance.

Physical Conditions Audits

Physical Conditions Audits examine an operation and identify hazards in the physical environment which could pose a risk to the safety and health of employees. Our Audit Report will rate the hazards according to their potential to contribute to loss of life or limb, or to cause serious or disabling injury or disease, as well as recommendations to ameliorate unsatisfactory conditions.

Recommendations may also focus on ways to improve productivity or morale, reduce absenteeism, injury and illness, and control Workers Compensation costs. We then make recommendations as to the steps to be taken to achieve compliance.


With twenty years of experience, Corporate Health Works is unique in Manitoba and leads the industry in innovative training and program development.