Forklift Training

Corporate Health Works offers a one-day training program on the Safe Operation of Powered Lift Trucks. This instructor-lead, classroom-based training takes approximately one day to complete. Topics include pre-shift inspections and safe operating procedures.

The classroom training provides an introductory section explaining why forklift training is important and necessary, and what the new regulations require. It covers hazard identification such as equipment hazards (including power sources), operational hazards and hazards in the working environment, and safe operating procedures and principles of stability. Finally the program will instruct operators on safe work practices and safe operating procedures including traffic management to minimize the risk of incidence and accidents in the material handling process.

Following the classroom training each participant will be provided with a practical evaluation of their ability to transfer the principles and information obtained in the classroom setting to the safe operation of their forklifts.

The Manitoba regulation requires that all forklift operators be trained and certified by the employer as competent operators. Following the classroom training and practical evaluation, Corporate Health Works will issue an operator certificate to be signed by the employer upon successful completion of the program.


With twenty years of experience, Corporate Health Works is unique in Manitoba and leads the industry in innovative training and program development.