Hearing Conservation Programs

Manitoba Regulation 227/94 is Manitoba’s Hearing Conservation Regulation

This regulation requires that employers take measures to reduce noise exposure to employees and provide protection and education for employees to prevent noise induced hearing loss.

Corporate Health Works provides hearing conservation services to a growing number of Manitoba companies. We have become increasingly aware of the importance of developing and maintaining a hearing conservation program including the reduction of hazardous noise at source, employee education on the hazards associated with unprotected exposure to noise, encouragement for the correct and consistent use of hearing protection and annual hearing testing to verify the success of these measures.

Many companies delay the establishment of a hearing conservation program until they are compelled to do so by an improvement order from the Workplace Safety and Health Division, only to discover that the years of unprotected exposure to noise has resulted in unnecessary hearing loss. Many companies whose employee’s file hearing loss claims with Worker’s Compensation have no records upon which they can determine the extent to which noise in their workplace contributed to the damage. Hearing loss claims are now being settled at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars for uni-lateral impairment.

Corporate Health Works, Inc. employs three licensed industrial audiometric technicians and offers a comprehensive Noise Control and Hearing Conservation Program to assist in determining and reducing exposure to noise in the workplace.


Our services include:

  • Sound Level Surveys
  • Recommendations for Noise Control and Exposure Reduction
  • Hearing Conservation Programs including:
    • Hearing Health Histories
    • Otoscopic Examination
  • Worker Education Programs
  • Pre-employment and Annual Audiometry
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims Management Assistance

We have portable booths and a mobile trailer for the provision of on-site audiometric testing.

Hearing Testing

With twenty years of experience, Corporate Health Works is unique in Manitoba and leads the industry in innovative training and program development.