Respirator Fit Testing

Part 6 of the Workplace Safety and Health Regulations requires that respiratory protective equipment be selected, used and maintained in accordance with the CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z94.4-02, Selection, Use and Care of Respirators. Because a respirator can only be effective if it properly fits the user, the Standard describes requirements for respirator fit testing.

We provide a selection of qualitative and quantitative fit testing methods that comply with the CSA Standard and Regulation and ensure that respirator users are protected from airborne hazards at work. The fit testing can be conducted on site or in our office in Winnipeg. Several employers have begun to utilize our ability to provide pre-employment audiometry and respirator fit testing in a one-stop shop

While conducting fit testing, we take our time with individual respirator users to review necessary user seal checks as applicable. We can also assist in the training of workers and those who are selecting respiratory protective equipment.


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