WHMIS Consultation

WHMIS is the result of a joint Federal-provincial regulatory initiative which created a Canada-wide system for identifying and controlling the use of hazardous substances in Canadian workplaces.

We assist with analysis of regulatory requirements to determine the impact on a company manufacturing, supplying or importing controlled products for sale to Canadian workplaces. Services include product classification and preparation and formatting of Supplier Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets.

We also assist companies who use controlled products by:

  • developing WHMIS policies and procedures;
  • developing systems for the identification and communication of information by means of workplace labels and material safety data sheets; and
  • developing and delivering worker education programs.

WHMIS Training

  • WHMIS training programs range from half-day to full-day participant training, which provide an overview of the federal and provincial regulations, the classification of controlled products, duties of suppliers and employers, and the requirements for labeling and MSDSs.
  • The training program orients participants to the structure and purpose of labels and Material Safety Data Sheets, and gives essential information on how to find and use the relevant information which they provide.
  • The training focuses on the safe use, storage, handling and disposal of the classes of controlled products present in the workplace, and uses familiar products as examples in the training programs.
  • A two-day train-the-trainer program is also available on request.

For companies who have a parallel requirement for training in the area of Transport of Dangerous Goods (another Federal Regulation with mandatory worker training requirements), Corporate Health Works provides both TDG training and integrated WHMIS and TDG.


With twenty years of experience, Corporate Health Works is unique in Manitoba and leads the industry in innovative training and program development.